The mobile phone is being held accountable for putting children at risk of serious accidents — with 1 in 4 parents admitting their little one has actually had an accident or almost been in one while they were distracted with a screen in their palm, new research from the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) shows.

Parenting and cell-phone use is a hot topic these days. Mom-focused publications such as have bloggers expressing how this data feels like ‘mom-shaming‘ — while mainstream publications like Time are talking about other studies that suggest mobile phone distracted parenting can have long-term negative consequences on the kids.

For UK Child Safety Week, the report about UK parents mesmerized by mobiles was put together to point out potential harm when parents split attention between kid and screen.

“Over two-thirds (69%) of parents surveyed said they are distracted by their mobile phone, with over three-quarters (77%) confessing they usually check texts and posts as soon as they come in,” the study said.

It also offers data that shows 85% of parents under 35 immediately check for updates and 40% of them admitting their child has either experienced an accident — or almost had one while they’ve been fixated on their phones.

Welcome to the digital age. Whether these parents are sniffing out some news, texting, uploading or enjoying their social media feeds — Child Safety Week is suggesting that parental mobile use may be hindering the safety of the children.

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Image credit: Instagram