It’s been a ruff ride — but I’m back.

You may remember me as Bell Media’s resident beagle back when I had a column called Tails From The Doghouse for a few years ago — before I bailed on the corporate thing. After being approached by to offer a beagle’s perspective for such an important project, I couldn’t decline. I may or may not have been offered multiple cookies for this.

As a human ally and a huge supporter for the LGBTQ community, it was impawsible I decline to participate in this independent publication. After all, I helped lead the first PinkDotTO march (organized by the CCNCTO and ACAS) in 2014 and marched again this year.

Clark Pink Dot TO

While the pets and hugs I received that day made my furry heart smile, raising visibility for queer Asians and enjoying such a safe, positive space is what really got me going.

As an activist and writer, getting the right message out is so important to all of us. As a rescue dog, adversity is no stranger to me. Equal opportunity is something we should all strive and stand for.

And while I would like to speak more on the subject — nature’s calling and there’s a yellow hydrant begging for me to left a leg. So I will leave you with this adorable little video ACAS put together from the first PinkDotTO march.