It must be nice being a billionaire’s fur baby! The media mogul has five pups and they all have impeccable manners. Each year on special occasions and holidays they give her flowers and a personalized note.

“Flowers for Mother’s Day, flowers for my birthday, flowers for Valentine’s Day,” Winfrey said on Live With Kelly. “Stedman helps them write their notes and there are individual notes from each one about what’s happened during the year.”

Stedman, clearly a good fur-daddy, really gets into it.

“Stedman writes in the dogs’ voices: ‘Thank you for the time I threw up in the middle of the night and you cleaned it up,'” Winfrey joked with Kelly Ripa and guest host Josh Groban.

You hear that Clark Kentoprah dogs petsAnd if you’re wondering – yes, Oprah cleans up after her dogs with her own hands.

“You should also pick up your dog’s poop, you know that. If you’re not doing that, you’re missing out,” she said. “Isn’t it interesting how you can pick up your dog’s poop all day long, but you don’t want to pick up another dog’s poop? Other dogs’ poop is gross.”

Oh, to be Oprah’s fur baby! Lucky doggies.

Image credit: Instagram