Halloween is a day of anxiety for the average hound. The door bell goes off frequently and we never know if we’re supposed to be on guard and protect our helpless humans, check to see if danger looms near or continue gnawing on our bones.

Personally, I gave up caring a few years ago and understand children dressed up ring our doorbell and claim junk food of the candies, chips or chocolate varieties. It’s just a thing. No one needs to tell me to stop barking now.

Every October I submit to watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Not because I’m a Peanuts fan but because I genuinely don’t understand how Snoopy became the ambassador for beagles everywhere.


Moving on, my human recently traveled to the desert while I was cared for by Vanessa Ling Yu, from CaterToronto. A social justice queen, I admired her weave her magic daily — busy body bouncing from one appointment to the next.

In case you’re wondering what CaterToronto is, it’s a community-based catering network that aims to cultivate better social and economic food system connections by integrating affordable and accessible kitchen space and more. Pretty sweet, eh?

More importantly, I had the best week with Vanessa. Here are some photos she snapped of yours truly.

vanessa yu

yawn. Well, that was more effort that this was worth. It’s time for my afternoon nap. Happy Halloween, weird humans.

Image credit: Tumblr/Vanessa Ling Yu