Have you noticed your pets spending more time in front of the TV or computer? You’re not alone. According to a new study our furry companions are using electronic devices more than previously thought.

Australia’s RMIT University conducted a three-year study into everyday gaming activities of human Australians when they found out that cats are joining in on the fun.

“When we started, we were not expecting to find anyone other than humans playing games but it seems their animals are joining in with them as well,” says Media and Communication Professor Larissa Hjorth. “We found that for many people pets were an integral part of their family and so they thought why should they miss out on something that the rest of the family uses?”

Cats, being intelligent little fur monsters, actively choose to watch the screen.

“It’s a case of cats watching their family members and noticing when the games are about to start and wanting to join in.”

TheFeminismProject.com’s Choupie loves screen time. She regularly jumps in front of the TV, computer or iPad to see what her humans are looking at. Her sister, Heidi, couldn’t be less interested.

Do your fur-babies enjoy screen time?tumblr_mkhbfwTbIX1qbyxr0o1_400

Image credit: Tumblr/catswithipads