Selfie indulgence – many of us succumb to it but not everyone thinks it’s cute. According to a new study out of the University of Toronto selfie-takers think they look their best in their own photos while external judges think they look less attractive, less likeable, and more narcissistic in their selfies than in photos taken by others.

tumblr_o1bxlsNR8v1v5do3fo1_400The study targeted two groups of college students – the selfie-takers and the non-selfie takers (there’s such a thing?). Each student took a selfie and also had their photo taken by a third party. The participants were then asked to judge their own attractiveness in the photo while almost 200 neutral individuals were asked to also rate their attractiveness. Here’s where it gets interesting: those who take regular selfies rated their beauty much higher than the neutral individuals did, and they thought their selfie showed them at their best.

“We found that the selfie-takers perceived themselves as more attractive and likeable in their selfies than in others’ photos, but that non-selfie-takers viewed both photos similarly,” the study found.

The neutral judges also found that regular selfie-takers seemed more narcissistic than the non-selfie takers.

“Self-enhancing misperceptions may support selfie-takers’ positive evaluations of their selfies, revealing notable biases in self-perception,” they found.

In other words, that selfie isn’t as cute as you think it is.


Image credit: Tumblr/kardashiangif, Tumblr/newgirlonfox