The DDDown-low: why shopping for big boobs is a pain

paradisefotografias tumblr shopping big boobs feminismEveryone loves boobs! They are bouncy and soft, and generally a lot of fun for everyone involved. One thing that poses difficulty for those of us with big boobs, however, is fashion.

northgang shopping big boobs feminism

As a reasonably large-titted lady, I can attest to the woes that accompany any shopping trip. Big boobs get in the way of many cute trends, and although I agree with the body positive mentality that to get a bikini body, put a bikini on your body, sometimes certain clothes just don’t look the way you, the busty individual, want them to look. Things get frustrating very quickly, especially if you are on a budget!

I will admit there are a lot more resources and providers out there for the ample-chested than there were even five years ago, but the problem I have with all of this nonsense is that tits are a ‘special consideration’ when it comes to clothing. Specialty clothing does not often equal budget-friendly or readily available.

Being on a tight budget, I prefer to try my clothes on before making the decision to buy, which makes online shopping feel like a gamble. I have lost a few too many times to get too excited about online shopping anymore.

So how do we, the large chested who lack endless funds for tailoring, suffer at the hands of fashion?

Image credit: Tumblr/northgang