7 Lady loving must-read novels that will make your gay heart smile

tipping the velvet
Sapphic storyline addicts unite. Today we’re going beyond the screen and celebrating lady loving print (while waiting for our multi-chapter fanfictions to be updated).

Of course, some of these titles are lesbian classics — some have already been adapted into screenplays and some are still waiting to be consumed by new readers ready to get their feels on.

Works like the ones featured on this list are so important. While our social landscape’s improving and normalizing discussions surrounding queer themes — there’s still so much progress to be made. With folks generally more focused on the emphasis on representation on film and television, the appearance and exploration of the gay in books doesn’t get talked about enough — so let’s open this dialogue, shall we? After all, words are what start the magic — let’s be honest. Stories are significant, whether on print or on screen, they help promote ideas and open up possibility. Sometimes, it’s a quality tale that can inspire hope.

For lesbian literature lovers, this list also serves as check list — have you also already read them all? Let’s find out.

Let’s indulge in some delicious gay.