The Vision brings you popular culture with a feminist twist. Whether we’re tackling harder issues or delving into the softer stuff — we’re about keeping it real, creating a dialogue that feels right and delivering the right message.

Our Story

Chloe and Leia had a vision. One fateful day, Chloe was given the project of running an entertainment news website — she recruited a few of her talented writer friends to generate excellent editorial for this online publication. It evolved into an entertainment news site with a feminist twist — Leia stepped up, going above and beyond her role and soon became a co-parent to the project. Chloe and Leia became invested.

The brief: Chloe was taken off the project and offered a more significant role in the company, a white straight man inherited it and abandoned the original editorial mandate, the vision became lost and Leia turned down a proposal to run it in with this direction.

The silver lining: initially heartbroken over the loss of their baby, the pair realized the passion and content generated came from within and decided to go independent: was born.

There’s some history: Chloe and Leia met back in 2012 at Bell Media when they were hired on to rebrand to (Bell Media’s only digital platform). They bonded over cats, dogs, lesbians, deep fried maki, and sour candy. They remained friends, obviously, and the rest is history.

Meet the team

Co-founders: Leia Smoudianis & Chloe Tse


Co-Editor-in-Chiefs: Leia Smoudianis & Chloe Tse


Jessie Farewell
Ashley Spegel
Gillian Young
Alana Fitzpatrick
Janna Yashchuk
Virginia Lee
May Lui
Tarah Gatsi
Susie Hill
Megan Heesaker
Mairi Kippen


Photography: Lisa Petrole & Nancy Kim

Graphic design: Vanessa Karabegovic

Stylist: Rikko Osaki

Tech magic
Chloe Tse

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