Fan favourite: Which queer heroine does the most for feminism [POLL]


Strong female leads and queer representation is finally picking up in popular culture — it’s becoming more common to see a lady lover onscreen when you turn on the tube smart TV or enjoy a film.

This is important because mainstream media is beginning to understand the significance of messaging and representation — and why audiences need the diversity. Pop culture can be the influence necessary to usher folks down a more progressive path — promoting positive outlooks on real life situations, broaden perspectives and be the entry point to opening up to lifestyles different (or sometimes the same) as their own.

The narratives in which stories are told is evolving and it’s becoming clear that viewers want to see stories about women and they’re interested in relationships beyond the heteronormative. The entertainment industry is finally starting to get it.

While we’re on the right track for pop culture evolution — let’s now take a look at some of the queer heroines out there and see who has done the most for feminism now. From Orphan Black‘s Cosima Niehaus to Orange Is The New Black‘s Poussey Washington, these queer representatives are promoting feminism through their characters and storylines.

But we’re going to leave it to the Internet to decide exactly which queer heroine is doing the most for feminism in our poll. So let’s talk about these important characters and decide who we think is actually doing the most for feminism!

We encourage folks to leave comments and to share some reasons we may have missed. The poll will run from Jan. 11-20th. We need your vote.

Shall we?