Friday follow: @ambivalentlyyours serves up the feminist rants and pink drawings

ambivalentlyyours feminist instagramInstagram’s @ambivalentlyyours was born when it’s creator found herself caught in between two worlds – the fashion industry she worked in and the feminist art she studied.

“At work, I was the feminist killjoy every time I raised a concern about the sexist undertones in our campaigns, and in art school I was the fashion girl who many assumed was duped by the patriarchy just because I liked cute clothes and girly colours. I felt caught somewhere in-between two worlds that I both loved and hated, in other words I felt ambivalent,” she told 

“I eventually decided to embrace my contradictions and Ambivalently Yours became my way of unapologetically exploring my feminist questions from this in-between place.”

The account was created in 2012, but since then the woman behind Ambivalently Yours has managed to remain anonymous.

“My anonymity is a form of self-preservation, which also gives me the courage to be more daring in my art. In other words, Ambivalently Yours is my more badass alter ego,” she says. “It’s a megaphone for my rebelliously soft-spoken voice.”

This badass alter ego has quite the following with over 26,000 fans on Instagram alone.

“My hope is that my work will inspire people to be unapologetic about their emotions and feminist beliefs by giving themselves permission to embrace their contradictions and decide for themselves how they want to be defined.”

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