holland taylor lower back tattooYour mom may have said you’ll live to regret that ink, but Holland Taylor is proof you can be 73 and still rock tattoos. The actress was spotted grocery shopping with her girlfriend Sarah Paulson when paparazzi snapped photos of her lower back tattoo.

While Taylor was putting her groceries in the car in the parking lot of the Bristol Farms supermarket in Los Angeles, we got to see a small part of her ink. While we’re not sure when she got the design on her back, we did find a photo of the full tattoo on Twitter.

holland taylor tattooTaylor isn’t the only one in her relationship with permanent ink. American Horror Story star Paulson has several very small tattoos including one on each foot and one on the back of her neck, but when discussing fan tattoos with TV Guide she revealed she regrets one tattoo in particular. 

“I had a fan ask me to write one of my lines from season two of American Horror Story on a piece of paper because she was going to have it tattooed on her body, and then I saw her a year later at another fan event and she indeed had my writing and it said ‘I’m tough but I’m no cookie,'” she said. “I thought ‘wow, that’s forever!’ I was sort of upset because I had scrawled it really quickly…it’s not completely legible, so I was sort of regretful.”

The fan clearly loved it though! And this is just another reason to ship these two.

Image credit: Twitter