There isn’t a Kravitz we don’t love! Zoë Kravitz posed makeup-free for the March cover of Teen Vogue and sat down to an interview with her friend Alexander Wang. The designer asked about privilege, diversity, feminism, and those dreaded Adidas sports sandals that she apparently loves.

zoe kravitz alexander wang teen vogue

Zoë’s parents are, of course, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet and the 27-year-old realizes the privilege that comes along with having a famous family.

“My parents didn’t become who they are because anything was handed to them, and they didn’t raise a child who expected something to be handed to her, either. My mom would have killed me if I’d assumed any kind of privilege. At first I was really adamant about making sure people knew that I was working hard. Things were definitely handed to me a little bit easier, but people were also judging me twice as hard.”

The actress, writer, director, and model wants to create her own films in the future and thinks it’s time to change Hollywood’s status quo.

“Why aren’t women starring in more films? It’s because the men are writing them and are the ones cutting the checks. We can’t blame them, I personally don’t think. We need to take that extra step.”

She also wants to see more racial diversity in film.

zoe kravitz teen vogue cover no makeup

“Typically white people have the story, and any kind of minority is like adding that pop of red or fun purse or pair of shoes to jazz up an outfit. These people are accents that make things funny, weird, or dramatic…I spent so much of my career saying no to those films…I’m not going to spend the rest of my life playing some girl’s friend or some girl on crack in the projects.”

As for those sandals, Wang says if he can get her into heels he’s ‘halfway there.’

“You’re like, ‘Take off your Adidas sports sandals. Please, God. Brush your hair.’”

With The Divergent series coming out and other projects like Adam Green’s Aladdin, we’ll be seeing a lot of Zoë in 2016.

Image credit: Instagram