So you’re in an abusive relationship with yourself (and it’s time to get out)


This isn’t about how your partner treats you — this is about how you treat yourself. While your friends may support your side of the story and team up with your ego by telling you things you beg to hear like, “You don’t deserve this bullshit” — the truth is, you’ve been letting it happen.

As a 30-year-old on-call therapist (voluntarily) to a variety of personalities, I find myself dolling out the same words of advice repeatedly and finally put this little cheat sheet together after a friend asked me to write some of this down for them.

Human patterns are curious the way they repeat themselves. An individual can desire a changed outcome but will often insist on attempting the same method — to try their trusted approach just once more — in case it works this time. Objectivity and achieving a clear perspective on a situation is a more common challenge than you’d think.