Are you a male, very thin, a clown, or a close-talker? Sorry, according to a new study you’re a creep.

Illinois’s Knox College’s professor Frank McAndrew conducted the first “empirical study of creepiness ” in order to provide “a theoretical perspective on the common psychological experience of feeling ‘creeped out.'” So are you creepy according to McAndrew’s findings?

The occupations that made the top of the creepy list include clown, taxidermist, sex shop owner, funeral director, and taxi driver. Other features deemed creepy include: being a man, being touchy, always talking about sex, having pale skin, being thin, licking your lips a lot, collecting dolls or insects, standing too close to people, and bird-watching.

To get the results McAndrew surveyed 1,341 people, mostly American females. Overall he found that people perceived as creepy are more likely to be male than female, women are more likely than men to perceive sexual threat from a creepy person, and that unpredictability is an big component of creepiness.

Are you creepy according the findings?clownsImage credit: Tumblr/death-is-legion