Glee star Dianna Agron spoke out against sexism and harassment at a Women Deliver 2016 panel hosted by Global Citizen. The television actress encouraged folks to push forward and called on world leaders to enable girls to raise their voices and prioritize education.

Women Deliver 2016 ran from May 16-19 in Denmark and focused on collecting voices to speak on girls’ and womens’ health and rights in the last decade. Previous conferences of global gatherings have been held in London, Washington and Kuala Lumpur.

Agron, played Quinn Fabray throughout the six seasons of Glee, the pregnant head cheerleader slash president of the celibacy club who eventually went on to attend Yale. The actress shared a personal anecdote about the harassment she was faced with when she first moved to Los Angeles at the conference.

Dianna Agron 1

The Glee alum, who has been taking on activism for years supporting PETA and LGBT rights, was one of the trailblazing women to share their powerful stories for Women Deliver 2016.

Dianna Agron 2

This little feminist is a ray of optimism and sunshine and has been putting her efforts into making the world a better place for years — from working on the Trevor Project to selling kisses for charity.

Watch Trailblazing women share powerful stories at Women Deliver 2016 here:

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